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In our company you can choose and buy a thermal imaging camera for any applications

Baltic Boats Company has been delivering thermal imaging cameras since 2008. Our customers include both private and governmental companies, we take an active part in tenders in the framework of government order. On our web site you can find detailed information about the product range and prices of thermal imaging camera that we offer.

You can buy thermal imaging cameras in our offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg or order delivery to other regions of Russia.

Information on the prices for thermal imaging cameras and their delivery time is given in appropriate sections of the web site. If you need a detailed consultation, do not hesitate to call our specialists:

+7 (499) 686-02-75, +7 (812) 322-91-18


The prices for thermal imaging cameras are quoted in US dollars, and recalculated into Russian rubles at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the day of payment.

Thermal Imaging Systems

Pan/Tilt and stationary marine and land systems

Handheld thermal cameras

Portable thermal imaging cameras

Thermal Cores

Thermal cores for OEM’s design and integration in different thermal systems.

Dali cameras for thermography

Thermal cameras for thermography diagnostic industrial equipment, buildings and fire safety



FLIR Systems company is a global leader in the market of thermal imaging cameras and offers a wide range of thermographic cameras.

Baltic Boats Company is a FLIR distributor in the territory of the Russian Federation from 2008. In the Russian market, we sell universal thermal imaging cameras used for different applications (hunting, security, navigation). Maritime thermal imaging systems are designed for the use on board vessels of any class. Depending on the performance targets, different models and optional features are offered.

FLIR's maritime thermal imaging cameras comply with all requirements for the use on yachts, commercial, auxiliary, fishing and other types of ships as well as on the cruise liners.

Besides, in our company you can always find thermal imaging cameras for building sites, thermal imaging cameras for diagnostics, thermal imaging cameras for cars as well as multifunctional universal thermal imaging systems that were jointly designed by Baltic Coats Company, Boening and I-Smart companies.

We offer Dali thermal imaging cameras, modern and reliable thermographic cameras from China. Dali is a practical solution for thermal imaging diagnostics and monitoring in power engineering, building and metallurgical industries.

Thermal imaging cameras usage:

Thermal imaging cameras for security

FLIR thermal imaging cameras are stationary and portable devices that are specifically designed for site security both at night and in the daytime. A thermographic camera detects the slightest temperature differences, converts them into a video image and sends it in real time to a remote display or to the viewfinder of handheld camera. Thermal imaging cameras do not need any - even the slightest - illumination, which means that these devices are universal tools for observation even in pitch darkness. As far as the use of thermal imaging cameras for security is concerned, let us underline their advantages over night vision devices:

  • A thermal imaging camera can see through smoke and fog.

  • A thermal imaging camera can easily recognize objects in artificial or natural camouflage.

  • A thermal imaging camera works at dusk and in the daytime with the same efficiency that in the dead of the night.
  • Thermal imaging cameras for hunting

    Since recently, thermal imaging cameras has found their application in hunting. FLIR has become hunter's indispensable helper. It's hard to imagine a modern hunter without a thermographic camera. An infrared camera gives particular advantages in detecting and tracking wild animals. Search of a wounded animal or bird is a complicated task even for a dog, but not for a FLIR thermographic camera.

    The most popular models for hunters deservedly are MS-Series thermal imaging cameras. Hunters will easily find room for a compact MS 224/324 camera in their outfits. Owing to its ergonomic design, the camera lies comfortably in your hand. These cameras have a watertight housing with IP67 protection class, which allows you to hunt even in a pouring rain.

    Our company offers a wide range of cheap and more expensive thermal imaging cameras for the use on sea vessels, in the hunting field, and for perimeter defense.

    You can always check the prices for FLIR thermal imaging cameras on our web site or call our company's specialists.

    Additional applications of thermal imaging cameras

    As we have already explained, the range of application of thermal imaging cameras is very wide. Perhaps, to the above-mentioned we can only add search and detection of heat losses, survey of buildings and industrial machines, the use for medical purposes.

    Distinctive features of FLIR thermal imaging cameras

    Prior to buying or renting a thermal imaging camera, many customers ask questions about its range. Unfortunately, there are no common characteristics in terms of the range of thermal imaging cameras. There exist a lot of different models of infrared cameras, that is why before buying one you should first determine the goals and tasks of the thermal imaging instrument: hunting, navigation, patrolling or site security.

    For example, in our company you can always find cheap thermal imaging cameras (infrared cameras) FLIR MS-324 and MS-224 which are similar to FLIR Scout.

    These thermal imaging cameras:

  • Are equipped with an uncooled microbolometer.

  • Provide a sharp image at any time of the day or night.

  • These camera models are lightweight and compact, so they can be used for different applications and operations under any conditions.

  • The front panel of the device is equipped with lighting, which allows to illuminate large territories.

  • Using MS-324 and MS-224 (equivalents of FLIR Scout) you can easily see an object with dimensions of 2.3х2.3 m (a small boat, a car etc) at a distance of 1.2 km.

    Buy a thermal imaging camera

    Today there are many companies offering thermal imaging cameras at absolutely different prices. Still, before buying a stationary or portable thermal imaging camera, it is necessary to clarify its dimensions and its type. The point is that a lot depends on the matrix, type of lenses and weather conditions in which it is supposed to be used. Regarding the range of a camera, it is necessary to define the term "see the target" as it is individual in each specific case.

    Only after all these details are clarified, it is possible to specify the features of the thermal imaging camera that you need, and the bottom-line price of the thermal imaging camera will depend on all these characteristics. Without initial understanding about the design it is not possible to orientate in a wide range of offers and select a model for a specific application, such as security, hunting or boat trips.

    We offer both cheap and more expensive thermal imaging cameras of FLIR brand, so you will easily find a camera that fits your needs and buy or rent it.

    For those who have faced the necessity of buying a thermal imaging camera for the first time, it is important to understand what this instrument is about and what its functional difference from other cameras is. The documentation on this web site will give you some examples of thermal imaging camera applications, but let us first understand the purpose of this instrument.

    A thermal imaging camera is a device allowing to observe a temperature distribution of the surface in the field of view of its lens. This temperature distribution is graphically displayed on the screen as color field where a specific color corresponds to a specific temperature. There are also thermal imaging cameras with black-and-white display, in which temperature is shown in grayscale from white to black where white color is the hottest object and black is the coldest.

    Here's how it looks like:


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